Children and Youth for Domestic Peace

Every year many children and adolescents witness domestic violence and/or abuse.  Each child reacts differently.  Does your child  show one or more of the following?

  • fear or terror
  • aggession towards others
  • depression/sadness
  • sleeplessness
  • trying to be perfect
  • anxiety or nervousness
  • low self-esteem
  • withdrawal or clinging behaviors
  • poor school performance
  • eating or appetite problems

If your child displays some of these signs, page he/she may need your help.   Your first step in helping them is to contact the Children and Youth for Domestic Peace (CYDP) program.

CYDP arranges and leads educational and supportive groups for children and adolescents who have witnessed abuse in their families.  Groups typically run for 10 weeks, sickness and individual session are also available if deemed a better fit.

The program may also include support, approved education and groups for parents.

CYDP also does educational talks/workshops in the community upon request as well as run groups in the local schools.


  1. Children age 3-18
  2. Must no longer reside in abusive home
  3. Self-referral welcome, or a referral from the Ministry of Children and Family Services, or other community agency

Intake Procedure

Call (604) 584-5811 #243 or #256

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