Fraser Health Crisis Line

Help could be just a call away.. 24 hours a day. Everyday.
Emotional Support • Crisis Intervention • Resource Information
Immediate • Free • Confidential
Local 604.951.8855Toll Free: 1.877.820.7444

(Looking to volunteer with the crisis line?  Click here.)

What kinds of calls does the crisis line receive?
People call for numerous and varied reasons: suicide, try mental health problems, about it relationship conflicts, family violence, grief, addiction issues, or just plain loneliness. Examples include:

  • Caller experiencing depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts: lost his wife and job.
  • Worried about a friend’s young daughter who is left alone, often for hours, on a regular basis.
  • Caller has been off crystal meth for only a couple of days and needs to talk to someone.
  • Young female contemplating suicide: feels lonely, depressed and confused.
  • Caller is extremely scared of her ex-boyfriend who has threatened to kill her.
  • Frustrated with his teen-aged son who has anger management problems & is abusive.

How could calling the crisis line help?
Callers are invited to talk about their situations and explore possible options. Together, the caller and volunteer can sort out what might increase the caller’s ability to manage and cope with the situation. Should a caller require help beyond that which the crisis line can provide, information about available community resources is offered. After talking with a volunteer, callers often report they feel less isolated or alone and are better able to cope.

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